Origin Bacterial lectins
Class Pili adhesin
Family PapG
Species Escherichia coli
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PDB Code 1J8R
Resolution (Å) 1.8
Comment bGalNAc13aGal14bGal14Glc
Sugar D-GalNAcp, D-Galp, D-Glcp
Sequence GalNAc b1-3 Gal a1-4 Gal b1-4 Glc
Reference Dodson, K.W., Pinkner, J.S., Rose, T., Magnusson, G., Hultgren, S.J., Waksman, G.
Structural basis of the interaction of the pyelonephritic E. coli adhesin to its human kidney receptor
Cell., (2001), 105, 733
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1J8R - bGalNAc13aGal14bGal14Glc - Escherichia coli

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