Origin Virus lectins
Class Rotavirus spike protein
Family Human rotavirus P[14]
Species Rotavirus
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PDB Code 4DS0
Resolution (Å) 1.56
Comment Sia-independent HAL1166, VP8* domain, complexed with blood group A type 2 tetrasaccharide aGalNAc13(aFuc12)bGal14GlcNAc
Sugar L-Fucp, D-GalcNAc, D-Galp, D-GlcNAcp
Sequence GalNAc a1-3 (Fuc a1-2 ) Gal b1-4 GlcNAc
Reference Hu L, Crawford SE, Czako R, Cortes-Penfield NW, Smith DF, Le Pendu J, Estes MK, Prasad BV.
Cell attachment protein VP8* of a human rotavirus specifically interacts with A-type histo-blood group antigen.
Nature, (2012), 485, 256
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4DS0 - aGalNAc13(aFuc12)bGal14GlcNAc - Rotavirus

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