Origin Bacterial lectins
Class Pili adhesin
Family GafD (F17-G)
Species Escherichia coli
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PDB Code 3F6J
Resolution (Å) 1.75
Comment variant F17a-G bGlcNAc13Gal
Sugar D-Galp, D-GlcNAcp
Sequence GlcNAc b1-3 Gal
Reference Buts, L., de Boer, A., Olsson, J.D.M., Jonckheere, W., De Kerpel, M., De Genst, E., Guerardel, Y., Willaert, R., Wyns, L., Wuhrer, M
High-throughput analysis of the carbohydrate specificity of the Escherichia coli F17G adhesin
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3F6J - bGlcNAc13Gal - Escherichia coli

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