Origin Bacterial lectins
Class Pili adhesin
Family FimH
Species Escherichia coli
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Resolution (Å) 2.1
Comment Core pentasaccharide Mana13(Mana16)Manb14GlcNAcb14GlcNAc
Sugar D-Manp, D-GlcNAcp
Sequence Man a1-3 (Man a1-6) Man b1-4 GlcNAc b1-4 GlcNAc
Reference Wellens A, Garofalo C, Nguyen H, Van Gerven N, Slattegard R, Hernalsteens JP, Wyns L, Oscarson S, De Greve H, Hultgren S, Bouckaert J
Intervening with urinary tract infections using anti-adhesives based on the crystal structure of the FimH-oligomannose-3 complex
PLoS ONE, (2008), 3, 0
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2VCO - Mana13(Mana16)Manb14GlcNAcb14GlcNAc - Escherichia coli

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