Origin Bacterial lectins
Class Pili adhesin
Family FimH
Species Escherichia coli
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PDB Code 3ZL1
Resolution (Å) 1.55
Comment Monoclinic space group Thiazolyl mannoside
Sugar D-Manp
Sequence Man a R
Reference Brument, S., Sivignon, A., Dumych, T.I., Moreau, N., Roos, G., Guerardel, Y., Chalopin, T., Deniaud, D., Bilyy, R.O., Darfeuille-Michaud, A., Bouckaert, J., Gouin, S.G.
Thiazolylaminomannosides as potent antiadhesives of type 1 piliated Escherichia coli isolated from Crohn's disease patients.
J. Med. Chem., (2013), 56, 5395, 10.1021/jm400723n
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3ZL1 - Thiazolyl mannoside - Escherichia coli

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