Origin Virus lectins
Class Norovirus capsid protein
Family Norovirus GII.12
Species Hiro
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PDB Code 3R6K
Resolution (Å) 1.6
Comment P domain Norwalk virus Hiroshima 1999 (GII.12) with blood group B trisacch. aGal13(aFuc12)Gal
Sequence Gal1-3 (Fuc a1-2) Gal
Reference Hansman GS, Biert�mpfel C, Georgiev I, McLellan JS, Chen L, Zhou T, Katayama K, Kwong PD.
Crystal Structures of GII.10 and GII.12 Norovirus Protruding Domains in Complex with Histo-Blood Group Antigens Reveal Details for a Potential Site of Vulnerability.
J. Virology, (2011), 85, 6687
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3R6K - aGal13(aFuc12)Gal - Hiro

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